In July 2012 Homeward Bound received a call from the Rockcastle county animal control officer. He told them they found a dog that had been shot in the head and still was sitting up and wagging his tail. He did not want to have to put him down.

So Stephanie from Homeward Bound went into action and went to look at the dog. She felt he could be SAVED. He was taken to Cumberland Valley Animals Hospital in London, KY and Dr. Smith was sure he could be saved. He took x-rays and saw only soft tissue damage was done during the attack and it could be repaired.

We knew this would cost money and we had to do some networking on our Facebook page and someone from channel 27 Kristen Kennedy and Andy Cummingham reached out to us and ran the story over the 4Th July holiday weekend. We did receive the funds that were needed to save this dog.

He was named Lincoln by the staff at the CVAH due to the fact that he was a great president. Lincoln turned out to be a great dog that tail never stopped wagging while he had reconstructive surgery and was healing.

The bullet had entered behind his ear and come out the front of his head between his eyes and never hit anything at all. It was a true miracle that this dog was still alive.

Well, today he is a happy and healed up dog and has found his forever home.

Lincoln is not only the ambassador of Homeward Bound, he is a true ambassador of an animal who can still give unconditional love after a human has been so cruel to him. He loves everyone he meets and loves all other animals and is sweet and gentle.

We feel he could teach a lot of people many things and our hopes are to keep him within our educational part of our rescue group to go and tell his story of courage and the will to live. He touches so many people in so many ways when he comes to an adoption event, fund raiser or just out having fun with his new dad. He is an amazing dog!

Lincoln's Rescue Team

From Left to Right:
Anita Spreitzer and Leslie Schofield from Homeward Bound,
Dr. Smith from Cumberland Valley Animals Hospital, Kristen Kennedy from Channel 27 News

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