Hi, My name is Miracle and here's my sad story of how I came to the rescue: I was rescued by a woman driving down a road in Clay County. She noticed a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road with a horrible man standing in the ditch behind it.

He was beating something (me!) in the ditch with a metal bar. She noticed several other hunting dogs loaded in the vehicle. She passed the area up and then turned to go back due to curiosity.

The evil man was gone then so she stopped...and that is when she found me in the ditch beaten so bad I couldn't even stand. She loaded me up and took me to her home not sure if I would survive the beating. She called several vets hoping someone would treat me for free since I wasn't her dog and she didn't have the funds.

No one would help, but one vet referred her to Homeward Bound. They took me and had me vetted immediately. I did lose my eye from the attack, had multiple skull and rib fractures along with some internal bleeding.

Against all odds, I survived the beating! After I had the time to heal Homeward Bound helped me find a wonderful foster home. They spoiled me with treats and showed me what it felt like to be loved.

This amazing family loved me so much that they decided to adopt me and I now have a forever home. I have now fully healed, can run and play with my doggie siblings and parents and am so proud to be the Homeward Bound ambassador.

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