In July 2012 Homeward Bound received a call from the Rockcastle county animal control officer. He told them they found a dog that had been shot in the head and still was sitting up and wagging his tail. He did not want to have to put him down.

So Stephanie from Homeward Bound went into action and went to look at the dog. She felt he could be SAVED. He was taken to Cumberland Valley Animals Hospital in London, KY and Dr. Smith was sure he could be saved. He took x-rays and saw only soft tissue damage was done during the attack and it could be repaired.

WARNING: This article contains images of a graphic nature.


JoJo is a sweet and loving girl who has had a hard life at the hands of her former owners - the very people that should have been protecting, loving and caring for her.

Poor JoJo was tortured by first having her ears cut off with ordinary household scissors. Later, she was left chained outside, basically starving, with no supervision or even basic care. After getting herself tangled in her chains, she attempted to chew her leg off just to escape the abuse!

WARNING: This article contains images of a graphic nature.

Miss Miracle

Hi, My name is Miracle and here's my sad story of how I came to the rescue: I was rescued by a woman driving down a road in Clay County. She noticed a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road with a horrible man standing in the ditch behind it.

He was beating something (me!) in the ditch with a metal bar. She noticed several other hunting dogs loaded in the vehicle. She passed the area up and then turned to go back due to curiosity.

The evil man was gone then so she stopped...


Hope was pulled from a high kill county shelter where she was close to being euthanized. She was going to be euthanized because of some problems she was having with her two hind legs.

After Hope was put into a foster home, a trip to the veterinarian showed that Hope was in need of surgery for her two luxating patellas. An animal that has a luxating patella means that their knee caps can pop in and out of place, making it very painful to walk.

Hope the Kitty

Hope, the kitty that no one thought would survive

In early April 2012, this little girl found herself lost, pregnant and in a high kill shelter. She is just one of the many nameless cats that never make it out of rural high kill shelters.

There was just something about this double-pawed kitty that caught my attention. I simply could not leave her there knowing what little chance she had of making it out alive. I called the shelter and offered to adopt her and they said that because she was pregnant, she could only go to a rescue.


Dusty was a dog at a county shelter that was deemed dangerous and would bite.

Stephanie from Homeward Bound went to the county shelter and sat in his kennel for short time. He barked very aggressively for a while and then wagged his tail.

The Donkey Sisters

These two donkey sisters had never left the farm where they where born and raised. These ladies had been neglected and were in need of some serious TLC, as they had not been brushed or had any basic care for quite some time.

They were sweet and lovable, a little shy, but trusting to new people. We were able to get transportation for the girls through a volunteer donation.

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